Lux Collection

Swiss Arabian

Swiss Arabian appeals to that inner gentleman. With a highly unique mix of Makrut Lime, sea salt, Oud, leather, wild cypress and amber to create a truly masculine scent that appeals to the female, Swiss Arabian also features an eccentric mix of sandalwood with creamy vanilla to complement the zesty, earthy tones with a tact of delicateness.

Lux Collection

Casual Cashmere

Casually Cashmere because, why not? Our luxurious cashmere scent is features an exotically extravagant mix of white freesia, pomegranate, magnolia, wild grape, and blueberry to complement the luscious tones of cashmere. If you consider yourself a classy gentleman, this is a must have.

Lux Collection

Posh Punk

Posh Punk brings about a hipster approach to luxury beard oil. This floral combination of lemon, lime and French Lavender gives off a warm, citrus tone with earthy tones of woods, amber and white musk. This unique combination gives off a truly posh feel.

Deluxe Collection

Café Aromático

Do you know that feeling when you take your first step into a coffee shop and get that amazing first whiff of a freshly brewed latté? Amazing, right?! Well, now you can cherish that moment forever with Café Aromático. Our approach to creating this scent was to appeal to that inner coffee connoisseur with a hearty aromatic mix of roasted coffee beans, slightly burnt sugar, fresh honey, and bittersweet chocolate to perfectly recreate the experience. 

Deluxe Collection

Sophisticated Sandalwood

Sandalwood is known for it's sophisticated, earthy scent. That, combined with ManlyCure's unique mix of creamy vanilla, mahogany, basil and lemongrass give the scent a twist like no other. This is truly a Sophisticated scent for the distinguished gentleman. 

Deluxe Collection


What's the most manly thing that comes to mind? If you thought Lumberjack, you're not wrong! Well, now your beard can smell like one! This masculine scent combines the warm and earthy tones of freshly cut mahogany wood with birchwood, basil, oud, and worn-out leather to make you smell as manly as possible. Let the ladies know who is the manliest of all.

Eco Collection


Barbershop was designed to give off that fresh and clean feel you get once you've gotten a haircut and beard trim done at the barber's. Now you can relive that feeling every day with the Barbershop scent, which was created with an enticing blend of menthol, fresh mint, musk and slight notes of sandalwood designed to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

Eco Collection

Spiced Chai

There are two types of people in the world: Coffee Lovers and Tea Lovers. If you consider yourself the latter, you've most likely had a chai tea latte before and love it. Well, we've made a twist of our own. The Spiced Chai scent features the familiar aroma of a chai tea latte combined with exotic myrrh, saigon cinnamon, fresh vanilla and ginger to give it that 'kick' your beard needs so you can distinguish yourself from the coffee lovers. 

Eco Collection

House Blend

There may be many occasions where you smell so amazing that an additional scent just is not needed. You can see that we really do care about you and every occasion and that is why we have created House Blend. This all natural, non-scented beard oil is designed to just enhance, condition and moisturize your already great smelling beard!




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