The Real Way To Use Beard Oil ✅

Hold up. Before I get into the meaty details, do you know what Beard Oil is? And it’s benefits? If you’re a little ‘shaky’ on that, I suggest you read my article WHAT IS BEARD OIL AND WHAT ARE IT’S BENEFITS?

If you’ve already done your research, say no more… just… scroll below 😅.


Cheers! You’re already knowledgeable about beard oil and it’s usefulness. So how do you use it? Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out. 

Applying beard oil is a rather simple process, but as with just about anything, technique is what matters. For maximum effectiveness, we highly recommend that wash your beard before hand, and towel dry it (it’s okay if it’s slightly damp). 

Now, based on the length of your beard, take your bottle of ManlyCure beard oil, twist the cap and shake out between 2-8 drops of beard oil into the palm of your hand. Now, the important part is to rub both your hands together and ensure that there is oil throughout both palms, and fingers too.

Once you’ve reached what we call “full throttle”, begin slowly running your fingers and your palms through your beard. We recommend you start with one area at a time, rather than tackle all areas at once, so that you can effectively apply the beard oil evenly throughout your beard. That being said, we find it most effective to begin at the chin and work your way through the sides.

The important part here is to make sure you are getting an even layer of beard oil on all your beard hairs and that you are also massaging the skin where the beard hair roots are, so that the oil is able to do it’s job by nourishing and moisturizing your beard hair roots, while at the same time rejuvenating and moisturizing your skin. 

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