You may be thinking... "What's the purpose of 'oiling' my beard?", or "I already have oily skin... why would I add more oil to my face??". And, in your defense, you may have a point  that is, if you use the wrong beard oil. 

In the past, you've probably used beard oils from all kinds of different brands and suppliers and haven't had desirable results. Well, I gotta say... you're god-d**n right! 

See, most beard oil are made using the cheapest and lowest-grade oils available in the industry. Some of this stuff isn't even human-grade.

If you really think about it, it's almost like putting motor oil into your beard. They care not for the consumer, but rather their own pockets. Just think how much harm this can do not only to your beard, but also to your skin. This is what makes ManlyCure stand out.

We strive to make sure that only the 'best-of-the-best', or 'the cream of the crop', ingredients are used in our beard oils and balms; and that everything is USDA-Approved and Certified Organic. As a matter of fact, even I use my own ManlyCure products. That can't be said for alot of these other 'beard oils’ around. 

Our handcrafted beard oils are proudly made in small batches, using ingredients only from the USA. 


There is a world of benefits that come with using beard oil. The very first is conditioning. Think about it... when you shower, you shampoo and condition your hair right? You may even use those same products for your beard. BUT, then you wash your face. The harsh detergents in almost all soaps/facewashes strip away all of the precious natural oils from your beard and skin. This then leads to dry skin beneath your beard and brittle, even ungroomed, beard hairs. 

Beard oils help to replenish the natural oils of your skin, while also boosting your beard with additional, all-natural and beneficial oils — keeping your beard hair healthy and shiny. Taking a step further, ManlyCure beard oils also boast pleasing natural fragrances to keep you on your A-game all day, everyday

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