Café Aromático Premium Beard Balm

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Do you know that feeling when you take your first step into a coffee shop and get that amazing first whiff of a freshly brewed latté? Amazing, right?! Well, now you can cherish that moment forever with Café Aromático. Our approach to creating this scent was to appeal to that inner coffee connoisseur with a hearty aromatic mix of roasted coffee beans, slightly burnt sugar, fresh honey, and bittersweet chocolate to perfectly recreate the experience. 

The concept of Premium Beard Balm was coinedrather rejuvenated—by ManlyCure Founder, Harris. Countless weeks and months were put into cultivating a truly premium beard balm and thus, the Deluxe Collection was birthed. All Deluxe Collection products are proudly handcrafted in the USA with some of the very best, natural, GMO-Free Ingredients available. Our unique blend of oils, natural butters, organic beeswax and nutrients are designed to keep your beard feeling hydrated, refreshed, shiny all day/night while feeling completely natural, light and promoting beard growth all at once.

To use, always start with a small amount and based on length of beard, increase as needed. Use this to keep your beard and mustache healthy and soft, even alleviate dry and irritated skin on your face!

*Our Beard Balm is made of natural ingredients which can melt at higher temperatures. It is also possible that due to weather conditions while shipping, your beard balm may arrive slightly grainy. This goes to show that all of our ingredients are natural and it is very normal. All you have to do is take some out and rub in the palms of your hands before applying.


Your satisfaction is our top priority at ManlyCure. We stand by our products and understand that expectations may not always be met (as rare as it may be).

Not to worry! If you aren’t completely satisfied with our products, know that we are here for you. If a particular product does not work as intended, please contact us and we will find you an alternative product that does. If we are unable to, then:

  • We offer full refunds up to 5 days from the date of delivery.


Our goal is to ship any order out by 5:00 PM EST the same day. The average shipping time varies based on your location (we ship from Palm Beach, FL). Shipping timeframes cannot be guaranteed due to factors such as weather. So, we will provide a rough estimate for when you will receive your products. Rates below are for continental USA.

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